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Different Accommodation Types to consider while Travelling Abroad

Here’s a list of main types of travel accommodations that can be considered while travelling abroad

Tuesday January 29, 2019 10:19 AM, Team ummid.com

Accommodation Abroad

Accommodations overseas are more than just spaces to sleep and stock up your stuff. Finding a temporary “home” that lets you enjoy the actions you want to do while travelling abroad and fits your budget is an essential element of a successful trip.

Staying in a place that’s too costly, too inexpensive, too distant, not remote enough, too rural, too sophisticated, or missing amenities that are important to you can complicate or bitter an otherwise fantastic experience abroad. Knowing the types of lodging that are available, in the places you want to travel, is an essential step in planning a great trip.

Here’s a list of main types of travel accommodations that can be considered while travelling abroad:


Hostels are a critical part of the backpacker existence, and not just because their dorm-style rooms are cheaper than hotels, they are also great places to meet new friends. Many hostels include common areas and some features like shared kitchens for self-catering, a thought for anyone on a budget. You should also think about the ambiance you want - do you want an energetic social scene or a more tranquil vibe?


The term "guesthouse" can include several types of housing. An owner might use this term just because it's the local norm, or it may be a way to differentiate the place from the implicit cost and barrenness of a hotel, or from the lack of space that often exists in a hostel.

In most places, guesthouse means bed-and-breakfast-style accommodation; in others, it can be a step closer to a low-priced hotel with a menu and shared eating areas. Unlike hostels, guesthouses are less likely to have dorm-style rooms.

Short-term Apartments

In many countries, weekly or monthly apartments, sublets, and share houses may be available. The more people you have in one house, the cheaper your rent will be, so this is a fantastic time to pull together your network of new friends that you have met on your way. If you are out for a work purpose, then you will no doubt want to settle down sometime, and these accommodating options might be an excellent fit for you.


Located in or near natural settings, lodges put forward modern comforts to the great outdoors. Prices and circumstances vary but expect to pay a bit more for your stay the farther you get away from civilization. Housekeeping is usually included.

Host Families

If you are going to have an extended stay in the foreign country, and are looking forward to gaining some insight about the culture and tradition of the nation, then you should stay at these types of house. Host families are often a fantastic way to practice the native language.

One of the most critical considerations for living with a host family is that you are seen as a part of the family; for example, it would be expected that you take part in the daily tasks of your hosts to some extent.


Campsites are one of the most basic lodging options and can accommodate people in tents, cabins, huts, and even alternative shelters like yurts and tent laps. Washrooms, showers, and other facilities are usually shared if they exist at all. Some campsites rent out tents or other shelters, while others are strictly bring-your-own.

Now that you are ready to take off, remember- variety is the spice of life and you must relish on it. Having a place to stay in abroad is a tricky task; however, you should have thorough research before selecting the right one for you. Some arrangements work better for some than others, and we encourage you to try lots of options during your venture. We warmly wish you the best of luck on your travels. Also, don’t forget to secure your trip with a comprehensive travel insurance policy as it will be your best buddy while you are enjoying in abroad. You can also buy a travel insurance plan online. So, what are you waiting for? Get, set, go!

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