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Benefits of Corona Kavach Policy

This new insurance cover has brought with it numerous benefits that can make your treatment light on your pocket

Friday November 20, 2020 11:24 PM, ummid.com News Network

Corona Kovach Policy Benefit

The coronavirus pandemic has become a part of life at this point. Despite the slight flattening of the curve, the pandemic is far from over. With the gradual unlocking of global lockdown, outdoor activities have increased and so has the risk of contamination.

While most people are still abiding by safety guidelines, others have started ignoring it, posing a greater threat to themselves and others. In such a situation, it is of utmost importance to be on the safe side and have comprehensive health insurance specific to this virus.

In the initial days of spreading pandemic, IRDAI introduced the provisions to protect our finances from the expenses incurred during COVID-19 treatment.

According to their guidelines, health insurance companies have launched a 'Corona Kavach' policy to cover the treatment cost. This is an indemnity policy that provides COVID-19 treatment coverage for up to 9.5 months against a one-time payment.

This new insurance cover has brought with it numerous benefits that can make your treatment light on your pocket.

Let’s delve into the details of this cover and its benefits!


Coronavirus has already engulfed a vast population across the globe. Not only have people suffered from intense discomfort while under the influence of the virus but many have lost their lives.

Fortunately, the Corona Kavach Policy has made it easier to seek medical assistance without breaking their banks.

Here are all the benefits you get with this cover:

Treatment Cost

The policy covers all the expenses that you may incur during organizational treatment or hospitalization for Coronavirus and co-morbidities. All the bill settlements are entirely cashless. This means the concept of reimbursement is absent in this cover. All the bills will be settled by the insurance company. In the case of home-quarantine on being corona positive, the policy will cover all the treatment charges for a period of 14 days.

Pre and Post Treatment Cost

Patients need to take extra medication before and after the hospitalization. This is to ensure a complete recovery from the effect of the virus. This indemnity policy covers 15 days of pre-hospitalization and 30 days post-hospitalization expenses of the patient.

Ambulance Expenses

In situations where the patient is unable to sustain without medical assistance, they might need to be taken for organizational treatment at a hospital or nearest corona treatment premise. Since using a public or private vehicle to the hospital with COVID-19 positive patient is highly discouraged, you will need to call for an ambulance. With this policy, you will receive a Rs.2000 reimbursement as ambulance charges cover per hospital visit.


It has been found that patients with other ailments, especially those related to the heart, liver, lungs, or kidneys, suffer worse than the ones without any co-morbidities. If the patient needs any extra treatment for health issues aggregating the effect of COVID-19 in the body, this policy will cover the expenses of those treatments as well.


The family floater plan provides a 10% discount for 1st family member, 20% for the second, 30% for the third, and 40% for every member thereafter. This is vital since this virus is extremely communicable and might spread to other members of the family easily.

In the current situation, the corona kavach policy is a life-saver for many. Every individual must get this indemnity cover in these unprecedented times to keep your cash safe and protect yourself and your loved ones.

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