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How to Come Up with a Narrative Essay That Grips Like a Glue

Truly, a narrative essay is one of the most exciting writing assignments a student can get

Monday March 1, 2021 5:39 PM, ummid.com News Network

Narrative Essay Writing

As a college student, you will be assigned tons of written works. Some will require hours of extensive research, others, like narrative essays, just an interesting experience weaved into a fascinating story.

What Is a Narrative Essay?

Truly, a narrative essay is one of the most exciting writing assignments a student can get. It is a perfect opportunity to share valuable personal insight and show good comprehension of the topic through excellent storytelling skills. Typically, all you need is to think of an important episode or event from your life and pepper it up with the most meaningful points to make up a story that involves the reader.

Depending on a college, the requirements may differ. However, traditionally a student has full freedom of creative thought, with a professor outlining just a basic structure of the assignment.

A chronologically clear plot is a hallmark of this type. The goal of any narrative essay is to tell the reader about the events and experiences the author went through, what conclusions were made, and why they are important. It doesn’t require overly detailed descriptions like a descriptive essay, nor any scrutinized research like an argumentative type. The only credible source you may need for this task is your memory.

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As easy as it may sound, often students simply lack writing experience, which makes them seek help from fast custom essay writing services. These guidelines will help you go through the entire writing process, from picking up the topic to producing a flawless mind-boggling story:

Choose the Right Topic

A good topic can change everything. No reader would delve into a story the author themselves is not excited about. Before you begin, make sure that you are savvy and interested enough in the topic. If you can talk about it for hours on end with passion and excitement, then you are on the right track. Just make sure it is also valuable for the reader.

Set the Stage With a Catchy Title

There are plenty of writers who use boring headlines, joining them is the least you want. When choosing a title for your essay, make sure it is eye-catching. As much as a good title has the power to make the reader plunge into your story, a bad one can push them away.

There are many ways to write a perfect headline. However, it should follow these three criteria: be unique, narrow rather than wide, and encourage further reading.

First Plan, then Write

A clear plan is half of a story’s success. It helps to put all the thoughts and ideas in order and stick to the plot. From the start, break your potential story into three main parts. Set the stage with the intriguing setup, briefly dwell upon the important events and experiences in the main part, and wrap the things up with a stunning conclusion. To avoid a jumble of thoughts, you also want to briefly outline other important details of your story here.

Stick To a First-Person Narration

A narrative essay is a very personal piece of writing. Therefore, you have to show how important these events are exactly for you. No matter how tempting it might be to use someone else’s credibility to prove your point, stick to the first-person statements and don’t switch to writing from another person’s perspective.

Add Necessary Descriptions

Details make stories captivating and help readers immerse in the narration. Try to describe the most important objects, characters, and the surrounding as vividly as possible so that your audience could have a clear image of what you are talking about.

Focus on the personalities of the people who influenced the way how things ended up, and provide a brief description of the location where it all took place. Don’t hide any background information that can help the reader shape a proper opinion about the events, as well as better understand your position and idea.

Heat Up the Narration

A good drama makes a good story, they say. However, there are many ways how you can spice up your narrative. It may be a villain who constantly hinders your plans, an unexpected turn of events, an embarrassing outcome, or a funny coincidence making your reader burst out laughing. All these techniques add some vibrancy and life to the story letting the reader live through these experiences with you.

Throw Away the Unnecessary

While details are important, some of them are always more significant than others. You don’t want to bore your audience with excessive descriptions and unnecessary explanations, especially when your essay size is limited. You can write whatever you like as long as you are concise and to the point. That said, choose a few most crucial details to back up the experience you want to dwell upon – and dump the rest.

Keep It Simple

Everyone enjoys a good story as long as its meaning is clear. Unless you are writing for a scientific journal, don’t congest your essay with complicated bookish words and so-called recherché nomenclature. There is no need in showing off your literary prowess, so stick to a simple language.

Be Diligent About Editing and Proofreading

Many think that good writing skills make a good writer. In fact, good editing skills do. On how well your narrative essay is edited and proofread depends your reputation as a writer and your academic success as a student.

Once you have finished, take some time to revise grammar, remove mistakes and typos, as well as improve readability. Then, put away the story and clean-read it after a while.

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It’s always a good idea to have your revision team who can listen up to your story and highlight the rough points it may have. You can ask a friend, a parent, or a professional writer to share their take on your essay as they are your potential readers.

Lastly, check that you’ve met all the requirements set by your professor and go get you’re A.


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