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India in a hubbub

Repeated atrocities on Muslims and Dalits have multiplied many folds as the Nero in Delhi is playing the same tune like the Pied Piper of Hamlin

Thursday March 4, 2021 11:29 AM, Mustafa Khan

Modi Amit Shah India

India is enmeshed in a situation of its own making thanks to the ideology that is going haywire now that the hypocrisy of PM Narendra Modi is unraveling! The real reason to move to Delhi in 2013-2014 was to replicate all that he had done in Gujarat — to conduct pogroms on the pattern of 3-day massacres of Sikhs (1984) in his Gujarat pogroms of 2002 and get away with it!

Now subvert the Constitution of India.

In a meeting in Gorakhpur Lieu-Col Prasad Purohit and others, including Yogi Adityanath, had allegedly concurred to abrogate the Constitution and have the red Hindu flag and seek help from Israel. Hemant Karkare had recorded this in his investigation. It has come home to roost.

And hence the chaotic din. The ides of March!

Compounding the worsening situation is deemed ‘official overstepping”. The hubris of the megalomaniac monarch prompted him to name the biggest sports stadium in the world in his own name.

On the world stage, he struts and boasts and wants to view himself from the eyes of the world which cannot accommodate his hate ideology. The rhetoric of a village boy with doubtful education background, he marvels at, mocks him.

The momentum is the hate ideology of RSS which led him to abandon his wife on the bridal night but he ordered his minister of state for home Amit Shah to stalk Madhuri! Is it attempt to call back the age of chivalry?

Now he cannot pull wool over the eyes of the people of the world. There is a more calibrated response because the emergency that PM Indira Gandhi declared had real and not imagined enemies. Modi was reportedly in touch with George Fernandes who was allegedly preparing for sabotage in Baroda bomb case. Modi in the dress of a Sikh reportedly was the courier of messages because he could wear turban like the Sikhs and pass unnoticed. Today he is seen capturing democratic institutions.

The imposition of Emergency by the Congress was a "mistake" but the party "never attempted to capture the constitutional framework" of India, said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on March 2, 2021.

He said this in a virtual interaction with Prof Kaushik Basu of the Cornell University.

"I think that (Emergency) was a mistake. Absolutely that was a mistake. (But) There is a fundamental difference between what happened in the Emergency, which was wrong, and what is happening now.

"Congress party, at no point, attempted to capture India's constitutional framework. Our design doesn't allow us that. Even if we want to do it, we can't."

How has the ground swell completely changed India because it is potentially explosive! On January 24, 1978 at a Maharashtra rally Indira Gandhi apologised excesses committed during Emergency she had imposed in 1975. Today Modi behaves as a monarch of all he sees.

"They are filling institutions with their people. Even if we defeat BJP in the election, we are not going to get rid of their people in the institutional structure."

“There is one big mother institution called the RSS that is penetrating all institutions. There is not a single one that is not under attack and it is done systematically," Rahul Gandhi said.

These words fall on deaf ears of one who has become megalomaniac. The malady has atrophied his mind. Pride leads to fall. As Maua Moitra mocked “Emperor where are your clothes?”

Repeated atrocities on Muslims and Dalits have multiplied many folds as the Nero in Delhi is playing the same tune like the Pied Piper of Hamlin. Or else why Hathras on March 1, 2021 had the repeat performance of the usual scenario of a Dalit man of 50 being shot dead in his potato field by an upper caste man Gaurave Sharma who was accused of molesting the daughter of the killed. CM Yogi Adityanath is deemed to succeed Modi! Will change of guard, change the hate ideology?

[The writer, Mustafa Khan, is a retired professor. Views expressred are personal.]


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