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9 Ideas to Decorate Your Home for Ramadan Eid

By influencing your immediate environment with decorations, you will be reminding yourself how special Ramadan Eid is for you

Tuesday March 2, 2021 10:14 AM, Leila  Amber, ummid.com

Ramadan Eid Decoration Ideas

Festivities come and go every year, and they can certainly lose their charm at some point. However, there are some ways to rekindle the spark. One method is to set the tone for the holidays. By influencing your immediate environment with decorations, you will also be reminding yourself how special Ramadan Eid is for you. It can even spark spiritual inspiration! Hence, allow us to share with you 9 creative home decor ideas below. Let’s get started!

Illuminate Your Home

You don’t necessarily need to go over the top with your decorations. Strategically installing string or fairy lights can already do wonders and change the overall ambiance of your home: from boring to enchanting.


It wouldn’t hurt, though, to hang lights that are specifically for the season, not to mention something with deep historical value. Fanous, for instance, literally means “the light of the world”. Tradition has it that Caliph Al-Muizz Lideenillah was greeted by the people of Egypt holding it to welcome him during Ramadan.

Star Lanterns

If you want something a little less ancient, then star lanterns will work just the same. You can even make one on your own.

Refresh Your Living Room

We have found that one of the things that can hinder our spiritual reflection during the holiday season is the massive amounts of clutter that we have accumulated in the past year. The Eid, thus, is a perfect reason to finally rid yourself of it and give your home a fresh restart.

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You don’t have to do it everywhere (even if it’s ideal), but you should at least do so for your living room. It will also turn it into an empty canvas for you to work on and install even more decorative elements.


Another way to refresh your home is to invite the color of nature in. Flowers are a great way to do it. We recommend choosing your flowers not just for their color, though, but also for their scent.

Festive Wreath

If you want to do something a little bit more creative (or if you just want to hang flowers to welcome people to your front door), then you can ditch the vase and hang festive wreaths instead. They may not be as fragrant, though, especially since most wreaths make use of fake flowers over dried or fresh ones.

Follow Customs & Rituals at Your Home

All of these preparations will be for nothing if you’re not going to follow the customs and rituals that give the holiday meaning. So don’t forget to get your prayer carpets and rugs out for the season. Have your prayer mats faded through frequent use? Let them rest during the festivities and treat yourself to a new one instead. There are plenty of stunning carpets online.

Decorative Candles

Nothing really sets the mood for prayer better than lighting a candle. It’s symbolic and stunning, especially in the dark if you really want to set the mood. The only reason why you should hold yourself back from decorating with multiple pieces is if you have pets or young ones at home that turn them into fire hazards. Don’t leave them lit unattended.

Hang Decorative Lanterns

If you want to remove the fire hazard, there are always choices of electric decorative lanterns that you can get online. Some of them even look authentic, as if they are lit by actual candles.

Door Hanging in the Shape of Stars & Moon

Decorative lanterns and wreaths are not the only things you can hang on your doors and walls for the festivities. As long as your decor reminds you of the meaning of the celebration (such as those in the shapes of stars or moons), then feel free to display them.

Eid Balloons

Time for the final details. Eid will never be complete without the traditional balloons filled with money and small treats. They are not just decor, but a fun activity that you can celebrate with both the kids and adults alike. Solidly colored ones add mystery and excitement. Meanwhile, transparent balloons look stunning with confetti and will show off the treasures you have places within.

Eid Gift Frames

We like to finish our decor by displaying the gift frames we’ve received over the years. We even consider it a must if we’re inviting family over. It’s our way of telling them how much we love and appreciate them. We also recommend getting new ones to give away as gifts so that your loved ones may bring a piece of your love home with them.

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Or better yet, turn it into an activity where everyone will make their own Eid gift frames together and display the finished pieces afterward.

These are certainly not the only things that you can do to decorate and celebrate Ramadan Eid. Just remember that whatever you do, it must always anchor you back to the real meaning of the season.


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