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Six Tips To Buy Smart TV Online

Equipped with a variety of smart features, modern TVs can act as an extension of your smartphones. Read More

Tuesday November 15, 2022 11:26 AM, ummid.com News Network

Six Tips To Buy Smart TV Online

No matter how progressive the age gets, television sets will always remain the fulcrum of household entertainment. However, over the years, the functionalities of a TV have undergone quite a few changes. With the advancement of technology today, television sets are no longer the bulky old entertainment partners they once were. Equipped with a variety of smart features, modern TVs can act as an extension of your smartphones. Smart TVs open the window of trending web content on OTT platforms, resource-intensive online gaming, social media browsing, screen mirroring and much more.

It can often take a lot of work to keep track of the changes happening in the rapidly diversifying smart TV market. From picking between various resolution options to display configurations, buying a TV online involves considerable deliberations and serious thinking. To help you do so, we’ve formulated the following tips that can come in handy when streamlining your search for the right smart TV.

1. Pick the Right Screen Size

When buying a TV online, you should start by settling on an appropriate screen size for your home. Screen sizes for smart TVs start from 32 inches and can go up to 85 inches. While most people find this task quite challenging, there is an easy way to ascertain the right size for your room. Simply correlate the viewing distance from where you plan to install the smart TV. This distance should be three times of an HD screen, at least two times of an FHD TV and about 1.5 times of a 4K TV screen. For instance, if you opt for a 32-inch FHD Sony TV, a viewing distance of 5 ft. is recommended, while if you pick a 65-inch 4K model, this figure goes up to 9-10 ft. Also, remember that a larger screen will cost you extra. Moreover, for an enjoyable screen-viewing experience, you should ensure that the screen size doesn’t overwhelm the room. Many television brands now offer AI-driven apps that pick the right screen size for you, thereby helping you escape this dilemma.

2. Correlate Your Budget with Display Resolution Options

While earlier, buying a smart TV meant settling for an LED model, the progress of television technologies has made other advanced panel technologies available on the market. Each panel technology has significantly improved over the previous generations but comes with higher price tags. The standard LED TVs pair liquid crystal displays with light-emitting diodes to offer brighter frames, slimmer displays and more energy-efficient performance. QLED TVs use quantum dots to illuminate the screen and reproduce frames. OLED TVs use self-illuminating pixel clusters for more precise light handling and wider viewing angles. While both OLED and QLED TVs offer superior contrast and colour saturation benefits, they are relatively costlier. If you’re looking for an affordable smart TV, LED TVs will be your best bet. However, if you have enough funds to spare and wish to enjoy a dynamic screen-viewing experience, we recommend opting for an OLED 55-inch Sony TV.

3. For Immersive Experiences, Opt for a 4K TV with HDR

The pixel saturation on your TV screen determines how clearly you can see the displayed frames. In other words, it determines the quality of your entertainment sessions. When buying a smart TV online, you can choose from FHD (1080p), UHD 4K (2160p) and 8K (4320p) display resolutions. If you’re buying a TV online on a strict budget, an FHD model should suffice. However, if you wish to enjoy immersive entertainment sessions, we recommend picking a 4K TV. Since these screens have four times more pixels than a standard FHD screen, you can relish the nuances of frames with utmost ease. Models like the 4K Sony TV come with advanced 4K X-Reality Pro processors that seamlessly upscale content frames for a truly immersive experience. Apart from screen resolution, you should also ensure that the TV screen comes with HDR support. Since HDR TVs have a wider colour gamut, you can enjoy richer frames with better bright colour saturation. Standard HDR formats include HDR10, HDR 10+, HLG and Dolby Vision.

4. Opt For a Higher Refresh Rate

Before you buy a TV online, you should check its refresh rate. Simply put, refresh rate refers to how many times an image is refreshed on the screen every second. Measured in Hertz, the refresh rate of your TV determines the seamlessness of frame transitions on the device. For smart TVs, refresh rates vary from 60Hz-120Hz. Opting for a TV with a higher refresh rate allows you to enjoy action-packed movies and intense gaming sessions. Buying such a TV online will reduce motion blurs between frame transitions, allowing you to enjoy content better.

5. Check the Available Connectivity Options

Whether it be your gaming console or soundbar, you will need an HDMI port to connect these devices to your smart TV. It is imperative to check the number and kind of ports available on the TV you buy online. Ensure that your TV has at least two HDMI ports for seamless connectivity.
For 4K televisions, an HDMI 2.0 port is important because this helps ensure future connectivity with the latest UHD sources. To ensure that your television is compatible with 8K resolution content, pick one with an HDMI 2.1 port.

6. Review the TV’s Smart Features and UI

When buying a TV online, you must review its suite of smart features. From features like voice control to screen mirroring support, it is important to see if the TV has all the smart features you need. Additionally, you should also check for smart integrations offered by the TV. For instance, a Sony TV comes with built-in Google Assistant support. This means you can seamlessly pair your Google devices with the Android TV to create an integrated smart hub at home. Additionally, you should also check the UI of the television. Remember, an intuitive and easy-to-use UI is best when you’re looking to buy a TV online. This will allow you to easily access TV apps to stream your preferred content without much hassle.

You can keep these pointers in mind when buying a TV online to make your purchase a foolproof one.


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