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Indians at Rio Olympics: Politics mars players’ perfection
Monday August 22, 2016 8:02 PM, Shakeel Ahmed,

PV Sindhu
[Shuttlers PV Sindhu with Silver Medal she won at 2016 Rio Olympics.]

We failed to procure a gold medal at Olympics. Politics has also seeped into the sports. It is the players’ efforts which bring laurels to the country. At the upper level much corrupt ways float to demoralise the sportspersons but nothing encouraging comes from the government level. The poor conditions of our players show how poor are they in securing medals at the Olympics. When the perfection is lacking there it is hard to think of good state of affairs at the district level.

Lamenting over the state government’s apathy towards the game of boxing, the district boxing association claimed of giving support the game. The poor state of the city’s boxers would not have been existed had they received utmost attention from state level authorities.

The boxers’ conditions are still not worth describing. It was a few years ago we learnt of a city’s boxer who was seen collecting garbage while another boxer Rukhsar Bano earned her livelihood by selling kites. She had even attended the Sports Authority of India camp. A quite renowned boxer like Suresh Shiromani runs his small shop while his nephew Mahindra Shiromani coaches budding boxers at the schools. However, the District Boxing Association is quite optimistic in spite of all oddities and obstructions.

The drawback is that only two tournaments in a year are being conducted by the Sports Department. Boxers coming from other districts receive a paltry sum of two hundred fifty rupees for the diet. Not only has the cash prize for a winning player at the national level turned an illusion sometimes.

It is on account of this very reason, the DBA secretary Sanjiv Dixit feels no compunction in criticising the state authorities for a rather unsympathetic as well as negligent attitude towards the game though he claims of the association’s complete attention towards this game in order to inspire younger boys and girls to excel in the ring.

A fair number of people are extremely observant of this body’s good works for the game. The association conducts several matches round the year in order to keep the boxers’ morale higher and more than this it aims to enhance their experience with competition.

The spectators, with an air of indignation, at a boxing competition, reacted that there was always a risk in this game with any blow to the head when it is delivered by the boxing gloves. What a risky sport it is! Two boxers enter ring and begin to blow hard punches with greater rapidity than the previous one. A bleed on brains is by no means a common injury in this game.

In such prevailing case how would you encourage your children to spar with head blows? It is an established reality that even light repeated blows to the head accumulate neuronal damage.

This game of blows and punching can never be an entertaining sport like beach volleyball. Punch falls heavily on the opponent side. The boxer struggles with pain and injury while coach keeps on exciting him for another round at the match.

Later both the boxers, tired with smashed lip and bloody nose, look for medical gauge despite headgear and hand gloves, maintained the watchers.

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