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'India's Police, Civil administration no longer interested in preventing Muslim killings'

Tuesday April 11, 2017 10:43 PM, News Network

Indian Muslims

New Delhi:
In an article published in the wake of recent attacks and subsequent killings of Muslims in different parts of India, author, columnist and writer Professor Apoorvanand Jha while accusing the political parties and civil society of remaininng silence also alleged that the police and civil administration are no longer interested in preventing attacks and killings of Muslims.

"The police and the civil administration no longer seem interested in preventing their murder but, on the contrary, busy themselves in making such murders look like a two-way affair. While they cannot ignore the fact that there is a mutilated body before them and they are forced to register FIRs, they immediately balance it by filing a counter FIR which implicates the murdered in the act of his own killing", Prof Apoorvanand of Delhi University said in an article published by The

"In cases where the murder has yet not been accomplished, they act as a stand by. If the target has somehow escaped, they use their lawful coercive power to force the game to come back to the hunters. We have seen it just now in Jaipur, where a hotel worker was brought back to the hotel to be beaten up collectively", he added.

Accusing the Civil Society and Political parties of ignoring the brutal attacks on Muslims in the name of "anima slaughter", Apoorvanad said, "..... the violence against them (Muslims) has not stirred the kind of collective social and political response that one would expect in a society that is meant to be governed by the rule of law.

"No political party in India, not eve those who swear by secularism, has the courage any longer to call the murders by their name, to say that Muslims are being killed because they are Muslims."

"The harsh fact is that India’s legislators and parliamentarians seem to have deserted the country’s Muslims. The killing and brutalisation of Muslims fails to interrupt the routine business of our legislatures", he added.

At the same time, Prof Apoorvanand advised Muslims to assert themselves and say to the country that India belongs to them and they have contributed a lot for the country.

"Muslims have invested heavily in Indian democracy. They are used to speaking like Indians and not as Muslims, for whenever they say that they are being denied resources or security or representation or justice because of their religion they are accused of speaking in communal and divisive language", he said.

"Muslims will need to say that we live here not by the mercy of anyone but because this land belongs to them as much as it does to India’s Hindus or Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains and others", he said.

"They will have to declare that nobody – and no state – has a right to tell them what to eat and how to worship, nobody has the right to insult and humiliate them. They will have to say that it was a solemn promise made to them through the constitution that they would be accorded all rights which make a life human. To break this promise is criminal", he said.


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