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Kasganj and Before: RSS and conspiracies are synonymous

Thursday February 1, 2018 10:50 AM, Shamsul Islam,

RSS role in Kasganj

At Kasganj, Muslims of the area suffered life threatening violence and wide spread destruction of properties on the Republic Day, January 26, 2018 perpetrated by the organizations affiliated to RSS.

The most shocking part was that large scale violence against local Muslims started when they were waiting to start formally 'Tiranga Yatra' (public march with the National Flag; the Tricolour) to commemorate the Republic Day.

A group of Hindutva miscreants arrived on motor-bikes with one Tricolour and dozens of RSS saffron flags and demanded that Muslims should clear the area. They were also raising highly provocative slogans against Muslims despite the fact that Muslims were celebrating the Republic Day. It was clear that despite no provocation from Muslims the RSS organizations conspired to start a communal conflagration at Kasganj.

The Bareilly District Magistrate, RV Singh as a senior administrator has only restated a fact about Hindutva organizations' conspiratorial method of functioning which people of this country know for decades. RV Singh on his Facebook page wrote:

"Ajab riwaz ban gaya hai. Muslim mohallo main julus le jao aur Pakistan murdabad ke nare lagao. Kyun bhai woh Pakistani hain kya? (A strange trend has started of carrying out processions through Muslim localities and raising anti-Pakistan slogans. Why? Are these people from Pakistan?). The same incident happened in Khailam village in Bareilly. Stones were pelted, and complaints were lodged.”

RV Singh later deleted this post and government initiated inquiry against him.

Rumor mongering and conspiring is in the genes of Hindutva organizations, especially RSS. What was this MASTER CONSPIRATOR doing on the eve of Independence was made clear by one of the RSS' own publications.

The central publication house of the RSS, Suruchi Prakashan, Delhi, published a book in 1997, titled Param Vaibhav Ke Path Per (On the Road to Great Glory) penned by Sadanand Damodar Sapre, a senior RSS functionary. This book contained details of more than 40 organizations created by the RSS for different tasks but more importantly it described how many of these organizations are run in a clandestine manner for hidden agendas.

This publication showed that the whole network ran like a well-organized mafia through its subsidiaries and satellites. There has always been a conscious attempt to create confusion about its different fronts which provide RSS with the opportunity to dissociate with any of these outfits as per its convenience.

For instance, RSS used Hindu Jagaran Manch (HJM) for attacking Christians in late 1990s and when public opinion, media and Parliament seemed to turn against it, RSS denied any relation with HJM. However, according to the above mentioned publication, Hindu Jagaran Manch was created by the RSS which was admitted in the above mentioned publication. The publication went on to describe the nexus in the following words:

"From the point of view of Hindu awakening this kind of forums [like Hindu Jagran Manch] at present are active in 17 states with different names like ‘Hindu Manch’ in Delhi, ‘Hindu Munani’ in Tamilnadu, ‘Hinduekjut’ in Maharashtra. These are forums, not associations or organizations, that’s why it is not required to have membership, registration and elections." [Emphasis added - Sadanand Damodar Sapre, Param Vaibhav Ke Path Par, Suruchi Prakashan, Delhi, 1997, p. 64.]

How RSS indulged in conspiracies can be known by the following disclosure in the Param Vaibhav Ke Path Per about a case in Delhi immediately after Partition:

"Swayamsevaks had posed to have adopted Musalman religion in order to gain the confidence of Delhi Muslim League for knowing their conspiracies." [Ibid., p. 86.]

This kind of sinister practice by the RSS was exposed by none other than Dr. Rajendra Prasad who later became first President of the Indian Republic. In a letter to the first Home Minister of India, Sardar Patel, on 14 March 1948, Prasad wrote:

"I am told that RSS people have a plan of creating trouble. They have got a number of men dressed as Muslims and looking like Muslims who are to create trouble with the Hindus by attacking them and thus inciting the Hindus. Similarly, there will be some Hindus among them who will attack Muslims and thus incite Muslims. The result of this kind of trouble amongst the Hindus and Muslims will be to create a conflagration." [Letter of Dr. Rajendra Prasad to Sardar Patel (March 14, 1948) cited in Neerja Singh (ed.), Nehru-Patel: Agreement Within Difference—Select Documents & Correspondences 1933-1950, NBT, Delhi, p. 43.]

With Hindutva gang around there is no need of any foreign enemy to destroy our country/nation. This gang will do the job if we do not challenge it bravely.

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