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Lunar Eclipse today will begin at 06:21 pm in India

Wednesday January 31, 2018 10:44 AM, News Network

Total Lunar Eclipse

A supermoon, blue moon and lunar eclipse will happen all at once today on Januanry 31, 2018. This will result in a “Super Blue Total Lunar Eclipse”, and will be visible in almost all parts of India.

Today's total lunar eclipse will also be visible in other parts of the world including the United States and Australia where it will give the best view.

Total lunar eclipse time

The lunar eclipse is expected to last for about an hour. In India, it would start at 06:21 pm today i.e. Wednesday January 31 2018. It would be visible till 07:37 pm.

Across the New South Wales’North Coast and Gold Coast, the super red blue moon starts at 10.48pm eastern standard time, eclipsing fully from 11.51pm to 1.07am, and ending at 2.11am.

What is Supermoon

A phenomenon when the full moon is also the closest to Earth. The last supermoon we had was on Dec. 3 2017.

Lunar eclipse

Occurs when a full moon enters the Earth’s shadow. In other words, Earth is directly between the Sun and the moon. The moon is, hence, eclipsed from the Sun’s light.

About Blue Moon

Won’t be blue in colour, as it refers to the second full moon of the month — a rare occurrence — which happens once in every two years and eight months.

The last time the planets aligned this way was almost 152 years ago in 1866, according to the Science Centre Singapore.

It means January 31 “super blue total lunar eclipse” would be a collision of multiple lunar events. There would be a total lunar eclipse which will happen when the earth passes between the sun and moon blocking sunlight from reaching the moon. The lunar eclipse will occur at the same time as a blue moon.

Those in the middle of US are expected to get the best view. In Asia and Australia too the view would be very good. Those living in the East Coast would get the least impressive view.

Next total lunar eclipse

The next total lunar eclipse of the yeay would be on July 27 2018. The eclipse would be visible in Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and Europe.

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