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Dirty Politics - Jab Scindia met Modi

This is the present-day politics of BJP, who always tries to topple and destabilize opposition governments

Wednesday March 11, 2020 11:37 AM, Pradip Bhattacharya, ummid.com

Scindia Modi Meeting

Well-known ex-Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia might have carried the torch for BJP after he witnessed the drama in Karnataka a few months ago where the 'resort politics' of huddling legislators in a far-away location, made a lot of public noise, but this time the drama did not get carried away to Mumbai because BJP does not rule there.

As we all know Karnataka Chief Minister B.S Yeddyurappa can hold such drama whenever the top brass of BJP demands it. But what is astonishing is that former Congress leader Jyotiraditya Scindia could not play such drama in Bhopal or Gwalior ( Home town of Scindia) as public in Gwalior would have surely lashed out at him this time. Hence Scindia left for Delhi and would return to his hometown only after a cabinet post is offered to him by Modi-led NDA government. Thus, supporters would only remain by his side and would not mind questioning to which party he belongs- the Congress or the BJP?

This is the present-day politics of BJP, who always tries to topple and destabilize opposition governments but would not let anyone topple them (BJP). This trend is not a healthy sign of a political system prevailing in this country. Stable government collapses without facing an election and such turmoil in regional politics cannot be accepted at all. This is like maligning the entire political fraternity in India with a broad brush on Indian soil with corrupt practices like ‘horse-trading’ or ‘resort politics’which is not always expected out of the Prime Minister of this country.

This kind of resort politics drama is allegedly funded by ruling parties and there is nexus between the BJP and opposition parties, which results in the sale of MLAs or MPs, and this is unethical.

Every opposition party will express its displeasure at such unfortunate happenings. It would also mean that politicians who are either MLA’s or MP’s are being ‘suppressed and exploited’’ in-game of resort politics by every means possible by BJP and this would put the onus of the ‘mess political system’ in the democratic set-up of our country.

Jyotiraditya Scindia who lost 2019 Lok Sabha Election like all Congress leaders in Madhya Pradesh could not anyway become a Lok Sabha MP. It is true, he was in the race of chief ministership along with Kamala Nath in the 2018 Assembly election, but his fate could not shine. It was not clear at all from Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee who would get a ticket for Rajya Sabha Election on March 26, 2020. The total number of seats for Rajya Sabha going for election is 55, however, in BJP’s fold it is 15 only, but as expected they would lose 3 of them – one in each Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. The last date of filing nominations is on March 13 and the scrutiny of nominations is on March 16 and the last date for withdrawal of nominations is on March 16. Hence, Scindia lost no time and met Prime Minister Modi on the day of Holi.

The BJP has two seats in Madhya Pradesh but was supposed to lose one as the Congress had a majority in the state assembly. But this may not look so now as Scindia has quit Congress and taken his loyalists to his side. The Congress, which was supposed to add one of the seats in Madhya Pradesh, will not be able to add one more to its tally. The names of senior leaders such as Jyotiraditya Scindia and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra were being floated for the seat but that was just a speculation. Even before Congress could name Scindia along with Priyanka, Scindia flexed his muscles at Chief Minister Kamal Nath and none knows who will be eligible to get Rajya Sabha Seat in Madhya Pradesh for Congress Party.

Elections to 55 Rajya Sabha seats will be held in 17 states on 26 March. This year, the election is held to elect 73 members of which 55 candidates will be fray on March 26 and the rest in June in November 2020. The three members of Madhya Pradesh for Rajya Sabha Seat will retire on April 9, 2020.

Even if Scindia opts for a minster post, he can take up the lead only after March 26. The exact date can be decided only after the seat stands vacant. But it could be another way too, like the Modi government introduced Nirmala Sitharaman as a junior cabinet minister in 2014 and in June 2014, she was elected as a Rajya Sabha Member from Andhra Pradesh. The same fate prevailed upon Smriti Irani who lost LS election in Amethi but still got cabinet minister post with her Rajya Sabha seat elected in 2011.

As BJP is worried about its tally in Rajya Sabha, Congress too looks easily worried as it has 11 seats in his cradle and will lose two seats as Himachal Pradesh and Haryana are ruled by BJP. Even if Scindia would have been in the Rajya Sabha election fray, but he could no-way become a minister now with Congress ticket. That is why when ‘’jab Scindia met PM Modi’’ ( when Scindia met Prime Minister Modi) at New Delhi, his post for ministry looks almost a permanent and final deal. But if he had to become a minister under BJP’s flag, he should not have lured all other 22 MLAs and allowed them to go to Bengaluru for resort politics.

Hence, one can and must surely agree that BJP had manipulated their old tactics ’resort politics’ and 'horse-trading‘ drama to get Madhya Pradesh in their saddle. Thankfully, nobody knows still where the 17 Congress MLAs from Madhya Pradesh has been taken? There was no much TV camera supporting the hide-and-seek drama under camera lens like the one witnessed in the Karnataka incident.

This is Modi’s second attempt to bargain MLAs for BJP to make its leader saddle on the seat of the Chief Minister for a state. India is already perceived as being corrupt by many polls and rankings. For our own Prime Minister to talk about corruption in political practice on an election platform is extremely hurtful to the majority of voters in India if one has to verify the ‘resort politics’ ideology from BJP practiced in all states.

Overall, it is not satisfactory at all as Scindia marches out of Congress with 22 ( actually 17) other MLAs. As usual, people will understand the money and muscle power which makes BJP bloom its Lotus operation.

The saffron party is always best in its old kind of tactics as a senior BJP leader Bhupendra Singh carried with him 19 Congress MLAs resignation letters who are lodged at a resort to Bengaluru to Madhya Pradesh Speaker NP Prajapati. It almost looks like a snake and ladders game in Madhya Pradesh politics- how BJP makes an effort to climb through such theory of political ambition? Such political development was well expected as Shiv Sena snubbed BJP but it was not expected from Scindia who grew up in Congress ( like his father Madhav Rao Scindia) and that too along with 17 MLAs whom he took away from Congress party. What will happen to the Congress supporters who backed Scindia for so many years, it is Scindia need to introspect and find out?

Has he betrayed Congress or Congress party workers of Madhya Pradesh or his state itself that had backed him always making him evolve as a leader for 18 years? Wish Netas do not embrace such dirty politics and snub the poor party workers who voted them to power and worked hard so long. It is a lesson to learn after Scindia snubbed Congress that party workers cannot have faith upon its leaders to which side he or she would swing for favour of his mileage tomorrow.

Politics, it is said, divide everyone but politicians, always care for their benefits. Party workers are like real foot soldiers who make leaders reach and satisfy their goals. Scindia has back-stabbed those party workers who stood with him for long 18 years? It is a lesson to learn from the mistakes of Scindia.

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