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Self Study Tips to Learn English

If you're confident enough, It’s possible to dramatically improve your English by self-studies

Tuesday August 31, 2021 8:40 PM, ummid.com News Network

Learning English

The English language is the best tool for communicating with other people. If you're confident enough, It’s possible to dramatically improve your English by self-studies. To improve your fluency in English, there are many things you can do on your own and some are totally free. Start your self-study journey today. Here are some self-study tips to learn English.

1. Listen to music and learn lyrics

Everyone loves to listen to music. However, you can learn English by listening to music. For this, you need to practice with popular English songs as this is always better because you can listen to them even if you are in the car, while traveling or in the mall. You can search for a music video or audio file that you like on Youtube and listen to the song over and over again until you know the song well. Then search for its lyric version. This is good practice for diction and pronunciation.

2. Watch English movies and TV shows

Watching movies and TV shows in English can also help you improve your speaking and understanding level of the English language. By doing this you get to hear a lot of people talking to each other using the most current forms of English. If you are not understanding what the actors are saying, then you might try using subtitles at first. Try removing the subtitles when you get more familiar with the words and test out your English comprehension. This can help you learn more commonly used English idioms and phrases, slang terms, and help you broaden your English vocabulary.

3. Chat with friends online

Another fun way to self-study English is chatting with friends online in English. While chatting with friends you are completely relaxed, the language gets easy as it is different from speaking English in a class or at work. Chatting is the stress-free way and amazing as here you can put into practice what you have learned to learn English because you’re putting into practice what you’ve learned in a casual way. With voice messages, you can practice your conversational English too.


4. Reading

Read and understand English storybooks, online magazines, and articles. Improve your reading and listening skills as both sharpen the mind and train you to think in English too. If the mind gets trained to think in English, then it will be easier to speak and understand the language. While reading, write all the new words into your vocabulary notebook. Reading regularly helps you get more exposure to new vocabulary, formal and casual speech patterns, and English sentence structure forming.

5. Say what you see

Try to say whatever you see while you are looking out through a window or watching television say all the things you see. You can use simple language. This really helps to improve your brain to mouth speed. While having a conversation you don't have to translate things in your head, you can express your thoughts much more easily by practicing this method.

6. Learn online

Internet is one of the best and easiest resources to learn English. You can study at your home at any time you want. You get to learn at your own comfortable pace, which gives a more effective learning experience for you. You can enroll in a spoken English course provided by online platforms like Entri. Find ways that you are most comfortable with, and start your self-study journey.

Make sure you practice. Self-studying English is not easy but you can possibly do it. If you are confident enough with hard work and determination you can overcome all the obstacles. Keep yourself motivated and encouraged.

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