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SC Must Take Suo Moto Cognigence of "Bulldozer Justice"

The Supreme Court must stop this bulldozer justice which has mostly used against the Muslims by the BJP ruled states. Read More

Sunday August 6, 2023 6:43 PM, Vidya Bhushan Rawat

SC Must Take Suo Moto Cognigence of "Bulldozer Justice"

The Supreme Court must stop this bulldozer justice which has mostly used against the Muslims by the BJP ruled states. The narrative that BJP and its darbaris in the media are peddling every day need to be understood carefully.

Their politics is clear.

They have made the word Muslim sound like criminals. The goons along with police then become ‘deshbhakts’ and enter into Muslim localities as if they are there to ‘protect India’ from Jehadis.

Unfortunately, communalisation of the administration and law enforcing agencies is complete in many states. It may be true that there may not be orders regarding such things but how we function and work matters.

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The police force is in full swing during Kanwar Yatra. A Kanwariya is treated as a ‘freedom fighter’. It looks that Kanwar Yatra is some ‘great’ work ‘nationalism’ and the police force is in full sewa for them.

In Uttarakhand, the police is focused on helping the ‘Chardham’ pilgrims. Its work is ‘exemplary’ . In such scenario when a poor Muslims go to the police station, the police will never treat them as citizens of the country but look down upon them as criminals and trouble makers.

SC Must Take Suo Moto Cognigence of "Bulldozer Justice"

It is good that Haryana police DGP has come out categorically that there has not been any case of particular violence against women in the Nunh village or kidnapping etc.

It is good that the people of Haryana have not heeded the calls of hatemongers. Jat, Gujjars, Rajput community leaders have come out categorically against violence and stood with the rule of the law.

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An impartial inquiry and rectification of the past mistakes is important but equally important is to follow the rule of law. In the last few years, political leaders of BJP have abused the rule of law process to target the minorities and the marginalised. Even Rahul Gandhi became a victim of it when the process was used to take his membership of the parliament.

The bulldozer justice should have no place in a country where we have independent institutions and judiciary. It means that the BJP has no respect for the judicial system and its own officers who are now serving it more than anything.

While people have no respect for targeting the goons and mafias, it is extremely painful to see the houses of poor people being bulldozed in the aftermath of the Nuh violence as if the shopkeepers are responsible for it.

This is unacceptable.

When will the police demolish the houses of those who give provocative speeches? Have police done anything to Kapil Mishra, Montu Manesar and so on?

BJP must understand that many of its leaders face criminal conspiracy in the Ayodhya demolition case. They also were engaged during the anti Mandal violence. If the government of those days had used the same trick, many leaders of the party would not have become Member of Parliament or even the Ministers.

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I know the BJP will never do it because it wants to send a signal to its bhakts how much it respects their rhetoric and lies.

Now Kapil Mishra who instigated the mob in Delhi is the vice president of the BJP. The party has found it useful to continue its agenda and has been ‘awarding’ all those who are creating troubles. Montu Manesar is the future leader of the BJP and he knows it well.

It is time for the Supreme Court to take suo moto cognigence of such demolition as happening in Mewat in the name of ‘instance’ justice.

We know in the name of arrest, it is the one sided arrest of Muslims.

The media of Ambanis, Jains and Aggarwals will always use the term ‘rioters, dangai, rashtr virodhi’ in a such a way that all the karykartas know their netas or media is using this for Muslims.

It is time for the courts to take notice of this and give necessary instruction to the police and administration not to indulge in ‘instance justice’ but all the procedure of the law to take its own course.


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