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How Do Regular Savings Help Say Goodbye to Debt?

The most simple solution to be debt-free is to save a specific amount regularly in your savings account

Friday November 6, 2020 7:30 PM, ummid.com News Network


In the life of almost every individual, there comes a time when the expenses start to cross the earnings. It mostly happens as we proceed through different life stages, from being single to married and have kids.

Financial responsibilities make us resort to various loan options with which we fulfill all the urgent needs. What follows is a continuous liability to repay the amount borrowed, which often becomes the cause of stress in life.

The most simple solution to be debt-free is to save a specific amount regularly in your savings account. Often ignored as a savings instrument, your savings account in a bank can help you follow a financial plan that best fits your current financial needs.

Here’s how saving money regularly in a savings account can help clear all your existing debt:

1. Expense Control

One of the main reasons why people end up in a debt trap is their spending behaviour. Debt is most likely to arise when you spend more than what you earn. Realizing that you need to control your expenses is the first step towards following a sound financial plan for debt clearance. Next in line is the habit of setting aside some amount from your regular income on priority.

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By focusing on setting aside money in your savings account every month, you can chart out the remaining part of the income with regular expenses. It will give you a clear picture of your finances and how you should proceed in dealing with them in the time ahead.

2. Capital Build-up

In most cases, the loans borrowed by people are above their income and are thus, not easily repayable. It also means that you need a larger amount to clear them and relieve yourself from the related financial liabilities.

Although small but regular savings cannot help you repay all your loans at one go, they become the foundation of bigger savings over time. Once you have enough money saved in your savings account, you will find it easier to become debt-free. What’s more important to consider is the habit of disciplined savings that will support your finances in the long run.

3. Plan for the Future

All of us make specific financial goals in life. But as life happens, these goals often go off track or are kept on low priority as compared with other essential needs, , particularly financial liabilities. When you start to save money in a savings account, you can plan to focus on these goals again. While the money-savings building up in your digital savings account will help you repay debt, your focus on goals will craft a better financial future.

This way, you can become debt-free while also leading a growing career in life. Alongside, such mutual coordination between goals and savings will help you avoid falling under the burden of debts again.

4. Realistic Spending Plan

Think of your regular household expenses being taken forward without any order. You get your salary in your savings account, then face expenses one after the other, continue to pay for them till the time you realize the finances have gone out of control. This usually happens when you do not follow a sound spending plan.

One way to avoid it is to build the habit of saving money in your savings account. Think of this step as the building block of a realistic spending plan where you have all the possible expenses right in front of your eyes.

Follow a Balanced Approach to Saving Money to Get Ahead of Debt

Learning to manage expenses while also saving money calls for patience and discipline. One crucial aspect to keep in mind is to choose the right bank for regular savings. Open a savings account in a reputable bank like Axis Bank that adds more money to the account in the form of interest on your savings. You can also open digital savings account with them easily. Stay disciplined to get rid of debt to live a happy life.

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