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Amid talks of 'Nuking Gaza', U.S. deploys Nuclear Submarine to Mid East

Along with the above confirmation, the U.S. Central Command has also shared the image of the nuclear submarine deployed in the war-hit region. Read More

Monday November 6, 2023 11:05 PM, ummid.com with inputs from Agencies

Amid talks of 'Nuking Gaza', U.S. deploys Nuclear Submarine to Mid East

[Image posted on social media platform X by the U.S. Central Command.]

Washington: In an alarming development a day after a far right minister in Israel and member of Netanyahu cabinet said "nuking Gaza is an option", the United States has announced deploying nuclear submarine to the Middle East.

“On November 5, 2023, an Ohio-class submarine arrived in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility”, U.S. Central Command wrote on social media platform X originally launched as Twitter.

The United States Central Command is one of the eleven unified combatant commands of the U.S. Department of Defense. Established in 1983, it looks after U.S. military operations in the Middle East, Central Asia and parts of South Asia.

Along with the above confirmation, the U.S. Central Command has also shared the image of the nuclear submarine deployed in the war-hit region.

The deployment of U.S. nuclear submarine comes hours after Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu shocked the world Sunday after saying that one of Israel’s options in the war against Hamas could be to drop a nuclear bomb on the Gaza Strip.

The far-right Zionist regime in Israel is already accused of using phosphorous bombs to kill civilians in Gaza Strip.

Israel hails U.S. move

The Israeli army has welcomed the deployment of the U.S. nuclear missile submarine in the region.

“It’s always good news to see that the Americans are moving in more assets,” military spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Hecht told reporters.

“We see this as sort of a deterring, stabilising factor in the region", he added.

The United States earlier deployed a number of warships and two aircraft carriers, including the USS Gerald R. Ford carrier strike group, in the Eastern Mediterranean to support Israel in its response to Hamas Operation al Aqsa Storm launched on October 07, 2023.


The outcry by the Israeli minister to drop nuclear bomb on Gaza and U.S. deployment of nuclear submarine in the conflict zone also comes at the time when hundreds of thousands of people around the world are calling for immediate ceasefire in the Palestinian territories.

In a rare joint statement Sunday, as many as 18 heads of major UN agencies called upon for immediate end to the war between Israel and Hamas which rules Gaza Strip.

The Israeli forces have killed more than 9,400 in Gaza Strip and over 150 in the occupied West Bank – 70 percent of them women and children, to avenge the Hamas’ Operation al Aqsa Flood October 07, 2023 that killed 1,405 people in the Palestinian territories occupied by the Israeli Zionists, according to the Israeli officials.

Hamas on its part said its operation on October 07 was response to the unabated killings and targeting of Palestinians and continuous provocations by the far right Zionist regime and the illegal settlers, and repeated desecration of Al Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem.

The U.S. however is extending total support to Israel, its key ally in the region, calling its response “right to self-defense”. A major part of the world and a number of countries including China, Russia and others have said the Israeli aggression in Gaza has gone “beyond the scope of self-defence”.

In a more direct statement criticizing Israeli killings of Palestinians in Gaza and occupied West Bank, Russian Envoy to the United Nations said “as an occupying power Israel does not have right to self-defence”.

Highlighting why the Israel-Palestine conflict should be resolved, UN Secretary General also said that the Hamas attack “did not appear in a vacuum”, clearly pointing at the decades of Israeli aggression against the Palestinians and provocation by the illegal settlers.

On the other hand, peace activists, scholars and academicians have termed Israeli barbarism in Palestine a “textbook case of genocide” and "war crimes".


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