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‘For Money’: Foreign Mercenary on why he joined Israeli Army

Reports said that Israeli reservists are reluctant to join ground operations due to incompetency and fearing they could end on the ground as a liability. Read More

Thursday November 9, 2023 5:40 PM, ummid.com News Network

‘For Money’: Foreign Mercenary on why he joined Israeli Army

[Image shared by Palestine Online on social media platform X.]

Cairo: Amidst the reports that Israeli occupation army is recruiting foreign mercenaries in the battle of Gaza, it has been revealed that they have only economic and monetary interests while fighting for the Zionists.

“I came for economy, for money. They pay very well, they offer good equipment and the work is calm. It is 3,900 euros [$4,187] per week, besides complementary missions,” Pedro Diaz Flores said on why he has joined the Israeli occupation forces.

Pedro Diaz Flores is a notorious Spanish mercenary who had previously fought alongside Ukrainian neo Nazis following Russia’s military operation in Ukraine last year.

Russians thought Pedro Diaz Flores died while fighting in Ukraine, but he is alive, he told El Mundo in an interview.

He however told the Spanish publication that he has been fighting in the occupied Golan Heights and is not directly engaged with the Hamas fighters.

“We only provide security support to arms convoys or the troops of the Israeli armed forces that are in the Gaza Strip. We do not fight Hamas directly, nor are we involved in assault operations”, he insisted.

“We are in charge of the security of the checkpoints and access control on the borders of Gaza and Jordan. There are many PMCs [private military companies] here and they share the work. Traditionally they have guarded border terminals between Eliat and Aqaba,” Pedro told El Mundo - Spain’s second-largest daily.

Are reservists reluctant to fight?

The Zionist regime in Israel has called in as many as 300,000 reservists who were in different parts of the world to resume service and participate in its military offensive in Gaza started after Hamas launched its Operation al Aqsa Flood on October 07, 2023.

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Reports said that the reservists are reluctant to join ground operations due to incompetency and fearing they could end on the ground as a liability for they have been away from routine military drills and practice necessary for hard-core offensives.

This led to the speculations in the last weeks over the foreign mercenaries joining the Israeli army and also the role of Ukraine militants, who according to media reports, have been shifted to the Occupied Palestinian territories to join and aid the Israeli army.

Videos sheared on social media show Israeli military officials instructing Ukrainian military personnel who said they are forced to fight in the ranks of the Israeli occupation army against Palestinian people that the Netanyahu government claims is war against Hamas.

Retaliating Hamas attack, Israel vowed to “eliminate Hamas from Gaza”. It has killed more than 10,500 in Gaza and there is no confirmation how many of them are from Hamas.

The Gaza Health Ministry on the other hand confirmed that all of those died in the Gaza Strip are civilians. According to the list it has released, more than 70% of the victims in Gaza are women and children.

A number of world leaders are of the view that Israeli response in Gaza is "war crimes" and "genocide".

Hamas on its part said its operation was the response of the unabated targeting of Palestinians in the occupied territories, provocation by illegal settlers and desecration of Al Aqsa Mosque.


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