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Cracks deepen in Israeli ‘War Cabinet’ as Gaza refuses to fall

The Zionist Regime in Israel has so far made very little or no gain in its declared mission of “annihilating Hamas” from the occupied Palestinian territories. Read More

Friday November 10, 2023 3:28 PM, Team ummid.com

Cracks deepen in Israeli ‘War Cabinet’ as Gaza refuses to fall

[Jews protesting against Israel and demanding Palestinians must be free in front of Statue of Liberty in New York.]

Occupied Palestine: Cracks in the Israeli “War Cabinet” that were visible since its formation following the Hamas Operation al Aqsa Flood on Oct 7, 2023 have deepened further as Palestinian resistance groups stand firm on the ground and Gaza refused to fall even after 34 days of relentless bombings.

The Zionist Regime in Israel has so far made very little or no gain in its declared mission of “annihilating Hamas” from the occupied Palestinian territories.

What it has got in the 34 days of round the clock bombings on Gaza is the massacre of close to 11,000 civilians – an overwhelming 70 per cent of them being women and children, and while doing so it has also committed “war crimes”, according to the UN officials and various countries of the world.

Israeli Mission in Gaza

The Israelis in their mission to eliminate Hamas have indiscriminately bombed residential areas, hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, refugee camps and killed, besides a waste majority of women and children, aid workers associated with different UN agencies, Red Crescent, WHO and other agencies, journalists, and medical staff.

The Israeli troops launched ground invasion of Gaza which is under blockade since 2007 about ten days ago. It cut the Gaza Strip in two parts and surrounded Gaza City and other areas in North. But, except evacuation of hundreds of thousands of people from north to south, it has gained very little.

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The delay in “conquering” or “re-occupation” of Gaza Strip has widened the rift in the Netanyahu’s war cabinet and the members who were opposing the Israeli invasion in Gaza have become more vocal.

In an attempt to show that the Zionists have made advances in Gaza a video showing occupation forces hoisting the Israeli flag on a beach was released on social media. However, the Gaza beach is located so close to the Mediterranean Sea that those watching the video are mocking at the Israeli claims.

Rift in Israel's War Cabinet

According to Michael Shemesh – a renowned political affairs correspondent for the Israeli channel Kan, former Minister of Security Gadi Eisenkot and current Defense Minister Benny Gantz find themselves at loggerheads over the Israeli Occupation Forces’ actions in this ongoing crisis. This disagreement has sent shockwaves through the corridors of power in Israel.

The Israeli media has been flooded with reports and analysis as the conflict rages on. The stakes are high, and the world watches with bated breath as the situation escalates. But behind closed doors, a battle of ideologies is taking place, threatening to undermine the unity of the Israeli government.

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Eisenkot, another veteran in matters of security, has reportedly expressed reservations about the Israeli Occupation Forces’ approach in dealing with the Palestinian Resistance’s Operation Al-Aqsa Flood. His concerns stem from a belief that a heavy-handed response may only serve to further fuel the flames of conflict, leading to more casualties and a prolonged cycle of violence.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz revealed disagreements, divisions, and resignations among officials in the Israeli prisoners’ affairs body in several cases concerning communication at the political level and negotiations for a prisoner exchange deal with the Palestinian Resistance.

Widespread Protests

In the meantime, the relatives of the hostages under the custody of Hamas militants, who had staged a strong protest last weekend outside Netanyahu’s official residence in Occupied Jerusalem and other parts of Israel, are worried about their safety and feared that the Israeli bombing besides civilians in Gaza is risking their life also.

What is also worrying the far right Zionist regime in Israel is the widespread protests since last five weeks in various parts of the world including the United States and even in Israel where a strong calls are made to end the occupation and free Palestine.

The pro-Palestinian protest in Washington DC last weekend was largest in the history of the American Capital. The distinguishing feature of the anti-Israel and anti-Zionist protests this time is the large number of Jews who are shouting “Not in our name!”

Some 500 Jews in fact climbed the Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island in in New York and hanged a huge banner claiming “Free Palestine”, “Ceasefire Now”, “The World is Watching” and shouting “Let Gaza Live!”

Support for Israel waning

The Israelis and their Zionist supporters are also alarmed by the sympathy they are fast losing in the world, and to counter this, images and videos – a majority unverified, of Hamas’ Oct 7 attacks were again widely shared and circulated on different social media platforms in the last few days.

On the other hand, the Israeli barbarism and massacre of civilians in Gaza, especially the children, are so glaring that the alleged “crimes” of Hamas militants have overshadowed.

Further worrying for the Israeli apartheid state is that the number of countries accusing it of committing war crimes is growing and they are now openly reiterating that its response in Gaza has gone beyond the scope of “right to self-defence”.

The latest to join the countries slamming Israel is Belgium. Belgium is so furious over the Israel that its Deputy Prime Minister has called to sanction it for indiscriminately bombing Gaza and killing civilians.


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