Last updated - Thursday May 13, 2021 11:24 PM
WHO on Covid Surge in India

Religious, political gatherings behind India's Covid resurgence: WHO

The spread of B1617 and other variants (B117), coupled with low adherence to public health and social measures were other factors for the resurgence of Coronavirus cases in India. The spread of B1617 and other variants (B117)..... More

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Gaza Bombing

40 killed in Gaza, 5 in Israel in worst ever escalation since 2014

Hostilities between Israel and Hamas escalated on Wednesday, with at least 40 killed in Gaza and 5 in Israel, including one from India's Kerala, in the most intensive aerial exchanges for years. Hostilities between Israel and..... More

Watch: 90K pray at Al Aqsa on Laylat al Qadr despite Israeli aggression

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India Covid Response

Kumbh Mela, Tablighi Jamaat and India's Corona Response

The fact is that this period would have the right time for the government to inculcate the feeling of scientific temperament in the people and asking them ... More

Why BJP lost in West Bengal

Modi's cries of 'Didi-o-Didi', anti-Muslim rhetoric backfired

Communal polarisation is the only card Modi-Shah (and Yogi Adityanath, whose state, Uttar Pradesh, will go to the polls next year) can conceivably play to .... More


Nurturing "Terrorists" As Assets

A brief background to place Baghdadi in perspective. President Obama was livid with Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki for not signing the Status of Forces Agreement before the departure of US troops from Iraq. A brief background to place Baghdadi in perspective. President Obama ... More

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Hajj 2021 Status

Saudi yet to clarify status of Hajj 2021: Haj Committee of India

Uncertainty and doubts continue to cast on the travel plans of thousands of Muslims who have registered with Haj Committee of India for Hajj 2021 ... More

Hajj Sermon

Adversities of this world are test from Allah: Hajj Sermon

Delivering the Hajj sermon from the rampart of Masjid an Namirah in Arafat Thursday Sheikh Abdullah bin Sulaiman said that in times of adversities, such as ... More

Hajj 2020 Starts

Hajj 2020 begins, 1000 pilgrims of all ethnicities on way to Arafat

Hajj 2020: Around 1000 pilgrims of all ethnicities residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are on their to Mount Arafat as the key ritual of Haj began this ... More

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Asus Zenfone 8 Mini

Asus Zenfone 8 Mini to feature Qualcomm Snapdragon 888

The report also revealed that the ASUS Zenfone 8 Mini will come with three microphones as well as OZO audio. The report also revealed that the ASUS Zenfone 8 Mini will come with three microphones as well as .... More

Vivo V21 5G

Vivo rolls-out 'V21 5G' mid-range phone

Aiming to offer top-notch smartphones for its mid-premium segment users in the country, Vivo recently launched a new smartphone Vivo V21 5G in the India market, that is currently witnessing a plethora of options ... More

HP Chromebook for students

HP rolls-out low cost, 1-kg Chromebook for students

Powered by the MediaTek MT8183 Octa-core processor and 11.6-inch HD Touch display, the new HP Chromebook 11a notebook brings the flexibility of digital learning into the hands of students so they can participate in ..... More

Gujarat Love Jihad Bill

"Asus AiO V241": The all-in-one PC that brings Games, Movies to life

Asus AiO V241 - the latest machine from the Taiwan-based tech giant enables consumers to not only meet their computing needs and video conferencing needs but also multimedia content consumption such ... More

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